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Puppy Socialisation 101

Puppy Socialisation 101

Getting a new puppy can be an exciting but stressful time. There is a new personality in your home, and it is up to you to give them the best start to life. Our team at PawPals have all of the information you will need to get the ball rolling on helping your puppy put its best paw forward! One of our main tips is to get your puppy socialising as soon as you can. So, listen up for all the info on our puppy socialisation checklist.
What is socialisation, and why is it important?
Socialisation is the activity of mixing socially and relating to others. When it involves your puppy, social skills are not just between you and other family members. Mixing with other dogs and animals, as well as household objects that may come across as a presence in the home is essential. New puppies need to become comfortable with things like household appliances, particularly ones that make unfamiliar noises like a vacuum. Dogs who do not socialise may develop fears of other animals or objects. This can develop into behavioural issues that are difficult to fix when they get older. The sooner you begin a puppy socialisation plan, the better.
Puppy socialising and vaccinations
Many people are unsure if their puppy can socialise before vaccinations occur. Vaccinations should be one of the first things to organise when you welcome your puppy into the home and eventually to the outside world. Vaccinations help keep you puppy healthy and safe when mingling with other animals and exploring outside the home. You must not let your dog socialise with any other dogs until they have had their vaccinations. This is not only for the safety of your puppy but for that of others too. So if you have a dog who is over eight weeks old and has been vaccinated, they are ready to meet other dogs and begin puppy socialisation classes.
The socialisation period for puppies

The socialisation period for puppies is between the ages of 8 – 16 weeks. Slowly encouraging your puppy to get to know other animals, sounds, materials, and objects is something you can begin before the key puppy socialisation period. Every effort counts and will help your puppy be more confident in the future, so encouraging them to explore the world around them is crucial for development.
What should you get out of a puppy training class?
In puppy socialisation classes, you want your dog to be meeting a wide range of dogs, so going to a school that encourages class diversity is essential. Puppies need to become comfortable around other dogs and being around new humans too. Being touched, petted, and picked up are among some of the skills they need to learn. . You want your puppy to learn skills that will prepare them for life outside of the classroom, so being comfortable around animals, people, places, and experiences is essential.
PawPals training class process
Our Puppy Kindy at PawPals Day Care is the perfect class for you and your puppy if both of you are ready to start learning to socialise. The skills learnt in this puppy socialisation class will set your puppy up for success outside of the classroom. We offer spots for all breeds and sizes of puppies to boost confidence levels when mixing with a diverse range of new faces. We cover many lessons like confidence-building exercises, household and playtime manners, and leash walking.
So if your new puppy is ready to start learning and socialising, give us a call on 0433 839 729 (Malaga) or
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