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Sarah M

Hey everyone, I am Sarah M! I was originally a client at PawPals and expressed my interest in this field to Laura and Bryony about 6ish months ago and long story short, here I am today working at my dream job!
I’ve loved and adored dogs since I was a child. I’ve had dogs in my family since I was 10 years old and feel incomplete without one around. My family dog was a beagle named Jess and I adopted my little girl Mia, a red heeler x kelpie, from the RSPCA last year in February 🐶
I’m quite new to the daycare environment but have worked at a local City Farmers store for the past year where I’ve learnt all the basics about dog health, food, training/enrichment, behaviour and everything in between over that time.
I’d like to thank you all in advance for allowing me to play with your doggos but most importantly, grow and learn off them. Every dog is so unique and special and I love seeing how each dog interacts differently with one another. So to all the parents, THANKYOU! 😇
(Also big thanks to the PawPals gals who have already taught me so much and for further things I will learn 😎)
Thanks everyone, hope to meet you all soon!
– Sarah 🐾🌸

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