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Hi PawPals CommunityI’m Angel, PawPals Bassendean’s new groomer.I have been grooming for nearly 10 years and have my Certificate III in Companion Animal Studies and Certificate III in Pet Grooming.

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Hi I’m Niamh (it’s pronounced n-e-v) but I’ll take anything going😂, I’ve recently moved to Perth and I originate from Ireland☘️ I joined PawPals at the end of January 2019 and I’ve enjoyed every single moment working alongside the girls and all your furbabies 🐶

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Sarah M

Hey everyone, I am Sarah M! I was originally a client at PawPals and expressed my interest in this field to Laura and Bryony about 6ish months ago and long story short, here I am today working at my dream job!

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My journey with the PawPals Gals started back in 2017 when I decided to enrol my pooch Ruby into Daycare. I will never forget the feeling I had dropping her off that first day, I was a nervous wreck, Ruby on the other hand ran straight through the door without even looking back at me

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I've been working for PawPals now for about 4 years and have loved every second of it! I started working at PawPals whilst I was studying my certificate III in Companion Animal Services and working as a groomer elsewhere doing primarily shave off’s and thinking grooming wasn't for me.

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I’m Anika and I have been officially working at PawPals since February 2019. I did work experience here in 2018 while I completed my Certificate III in Animal Studies. I was lucky enough to be offered a job by Laura when I moved to Perth full time to study.

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Alana B

Hi everyone 👋 I came to PawPals in May last year after just over a decade working in retail. When I started, it was to complete my workplace learning for my Certification in Animal Studies (which i have recently completed).

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Sarah C

I’m Sarah (yes there are two of us) and I have been working at PawPals since the beginning of March 2019. Before starting here I worked at another Perth dog daycare for about 5 years whilst completing my Cert III in companion animals at Tafe

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My name is Ami and I started at PawPals back at the beginning of 2018. You can find me at PawPals out the back giving your pooches many cuddles and kisses! I used to be afraid of large dogs but since being in the field I prefer to work with bigger dogs now 😅

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