So you’ve decided to take your puppy’s obedience to the next level and enrol them in a puppy training program. At Paw Pals we love seeing the growth of our furry students sky-rocket and the relationship between you and your four-legged best friends get stronger! Whether you have enrolled your dog in a puppy training school or tackling teaching obedience yourself, it is important to have a guide to puppy training. Below we’ve created our top puppy obedience training tips so your dog can put his or her’s best foot forward!

1. Be consistent
Our number one tip on puppy training is be consistent! If your pup is enrolled in a weekly class but doesn’t have any training at home they will not be able to retain all their new skills! Practice obedience every day and each training technique for at least five minutes at a time. Although training is important, so if playtime and relaxing. Keep your designated lesson times short to keep your dog stimulated.

2. Start training early
When to start puppy training? The sooner the better. Even with the start of your puppy training on the horizon ask the trainers what behaviours and actions you can start teaching from home. Let them socialise with other dogs so they aren’t overwhelmed at their first lesson. At Paw Pals we have puppy training programs from anywhere between 7 weeks to 4 months old. After your professional or home training sessions, always end these sessions on a good note, even if they drove you bonkers the whole time!

3. Reward good behaviour
Our hearts melt when we see the look of love from the puppies towards their owners at puppy training school. Reward them with treats but even more with your affection and attention. All they want is to make you happy! Use heaps of praise towards your dog all day to help build a strong bond. Practise commands in all different locations, out on walks, in the backyard and inside so they can learn to respond no matter what the surroundings are.

4. Be specific
When it comes to combatting their desire to jump up on yourself or strangers, rather than reprimand them with a stern shouting of their name, try and be more specific. Rather than shouting “no” try “down” or “sit”. If they start to go to the bathroom in a place they shouldn’t, take them to a place they should instead. Our puppy training tip for nipping is responding with a reaction that shows it hurt you but continue to play gently, they will learn slowly!

5. Choose the right program
It’s important to research puppy training programs and obedience schools before you jump to enrolling your dog. Effective puppy training in Perth will cover basic household manners like sitting, settling, and how to walk on a leash correctly. They should also teach their owners how to combat some frustrating doggy behaviours like jumping up and barking and encourage socialisation with other dogs. Read reviews from customers on their website or Facebook page to see how graduates of the puppy training found their tips on puppy training!

These tips on puppy training is a great place to start your pups journey to being the most well-mannered dog in Perth. If you’re ready to take the training to the next level take a look at our puppy training program. We offer Level 1 Classes for pooches between 4-12 months old and Puppy Kindy for puppies aged 7-16 weeks. If you are interested in more guidance to puppy training give us a call and we are happy to chat with you about our puppy obedience programs in more detail.