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Why PawPals Daycare?

  • Owned & operated by certified experts in canine behaviour

  • Stimulating and safe environment with other friendly dogs

  • 190sqm of energy burning indoor/ outdoor playgrounds

  • Four separate zones including tunnels, ramps and a paddling pools!
  • We welcome all sizes and breeds

  • All dogs are free to roam under close supervision

Wagging tails all day, every day!

Watch your dog having fun with his new pals! We upload daily videos to our website and Facebook

We adore our dogs

There’s many reasons to consider doggy day care. Maybe your dog is often home alone, you want to socialise them with other dogs, or simply want to burn off all that puppy energy! Pawpals day care offers you a secure environment where your dog can do all their favourite things – sniff, play, explore, and chill – with a big group of furry playmates!

What our dog owners say…

“Fantastic first experience. Loki had such a great first day. Laura kept me posted on his first day with videos and pictures. Definitely a great and safe place to make new friends and expend some energy.”

PawPals Day Care is a home away from home for dogs and puppies of all shapes and sizes whose owners prefer not to leave them unattended while they are at work. Run as a holistic activity-based centre, and not kennels, the dogs are supervised at all times and enjoy a structured day of walks, play, individual attention and rest.  The reality is that many dog owners work full time and lead busy lives. Dogs that are left on their own for long periods of time can develop problems such as separation anxiety, excessive barking and destructive behaviour. Some owners also feel guilty and anxious about leaving their dogs on their own during the day. PawPals Day Care relieves both owners and their dogs of their stress by providing a healthy and safe environment every day.