Dos And Donts

Are you considering signing your pup up for doggy day care in Perth and want to know all the do's and don'ts first? Well, you have come to the right place! If you have ever asked yourself 'Is doggy day care good for socialisation?' the short answer is YES (among other benefits). Dog day care [...]

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How much does dog day care cost in Perth?

We know that researching how much does dog day care cost? Can be daunting when considering all the other bills and costs you have in your life. That's why our experts have answered a couple crucial questions below about dog day care cost and activities. How much does dog day care costs? It can be [...]

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June 2019 – Prized Pooch

Taco is June's Prized Pooch! Taco started off as a little excited puppy and has grown into a bigger excited puppy. Such a happy dog, she plays continuously with anyone and everyone. The life of the party and a ball of energy, she has to be moving at all times. It is a rare occasion [...]

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May 2019 – Prized Pooch

May's Prized Pooch is Bertie! Bertie has been coming to PawPals for a very long time and is loved by all. He has many doggy friends and is always happy to help new dogs come out of their shells, especially if they are a little shy. He is always so bouncy and happy and is [...]

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April 2019 – Prized Pooch

April's Prized Pooch is Ava!! Ava is a crazy girl who loves nothing more then to run around and stir everyone up. She loves toys and can often be found with a ball in her mouth or cradled between her paws. She has as many little dog friends as big dog friends and will be [...]

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January 2019 – Prized Pooch

January's Prized Pooch is Arlo!! Arlo started with us when she was just going into her teens. She was overexcited and didn't know how to socialise properly. Often pushing the buttons of other dogs and only making a few friends because of this. Over the past year Arlo has come in leaps and bounds (pun [...]

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February 2019 – Prized Pooch

February's Prized Pooch is Jax!! Jax is a goofball, with lots of energy to spare. He would play continuously every day if he could and is living life to the fullest. He doesn't really have an off button but is learning that when we want him to settle he has to go to bed for [...]

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March 2019 – Prized Pooch

March's Prized Pooch is Artemis!! Artemis started off quite afraid of people and so was very wary of the PawPals Gals, but was always very social with the dogs. Since coming to DayCare she is now coming up to us for pats and has thoroughly excepted us into her pack. She is nothing but smiles [...]

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December 2018 – Prized Pooch

Mary Jane is Decembers Prized Pooch!!! MJ has come so far in the time she has been at PawPals. From a scared little pup that would hide in the corner and wouldn't let any of us touch her, she has grown into a confident pooch who loves us, daycare and her PawPals friends. Her improvement [...]

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November 2018 – Prized Pooch Award

Prized Pooch for November is Ben G!!! Ben is an all around good dog. He love to come and play with his buddies but will also happily chill with us on the sidelines. He loves a good back rub and will happily roll around of the floor when excited. Food is his weakness and whenever [...]

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