Jax is a goofball, with lots of energy to spare.

Dos And Donts

Are you considering signing your pup up for doggy day care in Perth and want to know all the do's and don'ts first? Well, you have come to the right place! If you have ever asked yourself 'Is doggy day care good for socialisation?' the short answer is YES (among other benefits). Dog day care [...]

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How much does dog day care cost in Perth?

We know that researching how much does dog day care cost? Can be daunting when considering all the other bills and costs you have in your life. That's why our experts have answered a couple crucial questions below about dog day care cost and activities. How much does dog day care costs? It can be [...]

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When to start training your puppy

So, you've just added a special little furry friend into your life. You love them, and they definitely love you, but there's one problem... Your pup is a bit overexcited, loves to jump, lick and occasionally bite. Lucky for you, our puppy training is one of the best in Perth! We have a tailored program [...]

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March 2019 – Prized Pooch

March's Prized Pooch is Artemis!! Artemis started off quite afraid of people and so was very wary of the PawPals Gals, but was always very social with the dogs. Since coming to DayCare she is now coming up to us for pats and has thoroughly excepted us into her pack. She is nothing but smiles [...]

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August 2018 – Prized Pooch

August's Prized Pooch is Zeus the Husky!! Zeus was a very nervous boy when he first started. The idea of us even holding his collar would freak him out and if a dog approached him and he wasn't ready then he would run away or growl. Today Zeus is like a different dog, he loves [...]

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July 2018 – Prized Pooch

July's Prized Pooch is Petal! Petal has so much character. She argues back if she doesn't want to do something and if she is going to play with you then you have no say in the matter. Stirring everyone else up is one of her favourite pastimes and she gets great joy watching us trying [...]

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March 2018 – Prized Pooch Award

Mack started off when he was a tiny puppy. He isn’t that big now he has grown up but he has definitely matured. He is small in size but has a giant personality.  Mack can be a crazy puppy rocketing around and stirring everyone up, but he will also enjoy a quiet cuddle with us [...]

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February 2018 – Prized Pooch Award

Luna started off a nervous little girl who wasn’t sure what playing with other dogs was. She used to hide behind us until everyone quietened down and then would venture out to sniff. Only ever playing with us and then occasionally the hose. Now she is super confident, running in to play and barely giving [...]

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