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Read about all our prized pooches and their stories. Read our Puppy Training Tips and Dos And Donts when it comes to puppy training.

October 2016 – Prized Pooch Award

Octobers Prized Pooch Award goes to the very handsome Atticus. When Atticus first started at PawPals he used to get so over excited that we would have to put him in a separate playground with just one or two of his friends so he would burn some energy before he mingled with more pooches. Now, [...]

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September 2016 – Prized Pooch Award

September’s Prized Pooch Award goes to Mr. Rufus! Rufus came to day care as a very excitable and active fella. He used to get over excited and carried away with himself but after a few months of attending day care, (and with the help of lots and lots of treats), we worked really hard on his recall.  [...]

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August 2016 – Prized Pooch Award

The Prized Pooch Award for the month of August is Archie Hatch. Archie if your typical fun loving, easy going, happy go lucky Lab! Archie’s mum drops him at day care every Wednesday and Friday and she never has time to put a lead on him!! By the time she opens the boot, he bolts [...]

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July 2016 – Prized Pooch Award

July’s prized pooch is the little button Duke! Duke is the sweetest little boy and his confidence has grown so much since his first day at PawPals. When he first started he was very timid and didn’t want to leave his brothers side. After a lot of treat coaxing and encouragement, a few short weeks [...]

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June 2016 – Prized Pooch Award

The prized pooch award for the month of June has gone to the lovely Leo. Leo was a little unsure of himself around other dogs when he first started day care. However, this has changed dramatically! He bounces through the car park and straight into his friends and he plays from the beginning of the [...]

May 2016 – Prized Pooch Award

The handsome Ollie won the prized pooch award for the month of May. When he first started, Ollie sometimes became a bit of a “fence warrior” along with his sister Gracie. We decided to split them up so they came on different days so that they could become more independent and thus grow their confidence. [...]

April 2016 – Prized Pooch Award

Brax the beautiful Boxer has won the prized pooch award for the month of April. Brax started day care as a very nervous boy :( He had been attacked when he was a bit younger and was quite fearful, especially of male dogs. His first day here he was a bit apprehensive but after a [...]

March 2016 – Prized Pooch Award

Max the British Bulldog takes away the Prized Pooch Award for the month of March. Max has a love for all dogs big and small. He has a great way of helping dogs who are insecure out of their shell and he is just as good at assisting others to run riot around the place!! He is [...]

February 2016 – Prized Pooch Award

The Prized Pooch Award for the month on February is going to Diva. Diva was very people driven and was quite nervous around other dogs. Her first few visits attending PawPals DayCare entailed of slow introductions to certain dogs to build her confidence. After a number of weeks she found a best friend in Rocky [...]

January 2016 – Prized Pooch Award

The very lovable Sampson takes the Prized Pooch Award for the month of January. Sampson has won because he is just a big ball of lovable fun. He is a fantastic dog who can be put in with any other dog at any time. He has the ability to play boisterously for those dogs that [...]

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