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Fruit and Veggie Snacks For Your Dog

What are some fruit and veggie snacks for your dog? We know you have got your biscuits or canned food for your pup under control! But, what about when it comes to a healthy snack throughout the day or after that big walk! You might have wondered can dogs eat fruits and vegetable? Good news, [...]

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How much does dog day care cost in Perth?

We know that researching how much does dog day care cost? Can be daunting when considering all the other bills and costs you have in your life. That's why our experts have answered a couple crucial questions below about dog day care cost and activities. How much does dog day care costs? It can be [...]

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When to start training your puppy

So, you've just added a special little furry friend into your life. You love them, and they definitely love you, but there's one problem... Your pup is a bit overexcited, loves to jump, lick and occasionally bite. Lucky for you, our puppy training is one of the best in Perth! We have a tailored program [...]

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The Expectations V Reality of working in a Doggie Day Care!

I started dropping my girl Ruby to PawPals Daycare in October of 2017.  As soon as I walked in the doors of PawPals, I picked up on the positive energy that surrounded the place. My first thought was I felt incredibly confident about leaving Ruby here for the day (especially [...]

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The Traffic Light System

The traffic light system is the exact same across the world, Green means Go and Red means Stop! The very clever people over at friendly dog collars have put this exact system into place for our dogs... Do you have a friendly dog who loves everyone or do you have one who [...]

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The infamous ‘Kennel Cough’!

“Canine cough” or “kennel cough” is the common name for Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease (CIRD) and Canine Infectious Tracheobronchitis. The disease can be viral, via the canine parainfluenza virus or it can be bacterial via Bortadella bronchiseptica or it can be from a combination of both the infectious agents which causes [...]

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What to feed your dog?

When it comes to feeding your dog, it’s so hard to know what’s right, what’s wrong and what will be the best choice to keep them healthy and happy. To help with your decision making, we have complied some really helpful information with regards to different styles of feeding to [...]

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