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How to deal with antisocial behaviour in dogs.

Does the thought of taking your dog on a walk at peak path hour give you a headache? An antisocial dog is stressful for both parties and is ultimately holding them back from developmental milestones.  You love your dog, no matter what their temperament. Plus, it's not their fault; a dog's antisocial behaviour is a [...]

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Best Way To Handle an Energetic Dog

Is your energetic pup driving you a bit mad? Whilst we love them endlessly with our whole hearts, it's ok to admit man's best friend might be letting down their side of the BFF arrangement.  Whilst your dog is going to be overjoyed by your arriving home and ecstatic at the mention of a W-A-L-K, [...]

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Things to consider when leaving your dog home alone

The thought of leaving your dog at home is a tough one. You want to spend as much quality time with them as possible, but the adults have to work, and the kids have to go to school. It isn't easy leaving your pup at home. But we have a few tips and helpful info [...]

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Dog-Friendly Activities in Bassendean

Want to spend quality time with your pup but are running out of ideas to keep you both entertained? Well, you are in luck! Our team at PawPals have scouted the area and have come up with a list of dog-friendly activities in Bassendean for you and your furbaby all year round. So, if you [...]

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Basic Puppy Training Guide 

Our team at PawPals have been in the dog business for a long time now. We are passionate about creating the best start for you and your new pup. Many of our clients ask us for our advice on the basics for puppy training so today we are bringing you just that.   How do I prepare my [...]

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Why You Should Clicker Train Your Dog

If you are looking for a fresh take on personally training your dog, clicker training might be what you have been looking for. If working with your dog to learn new tasks through a rewards-based system, then let us break down all you need to know on clicker training your dog.  What is clicker training, and [...]

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