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When to start training your puppy

When to start training your puppy

So, you’ve just added a special little furry friend into your life. You love them, and they definitely love you, but there’s one problem… Your pup is a bit overexcited, loves to jump, lick and occasionally bite.

Lucky for you, our puppy training is one of the best in Perth! We have a tailored program that is run by puppy experts, meaning you and your pup can bond while learning the best practices when it comes to training and obedience. 

At PawPals we are Perth’s dog daycare centre that has puppy training for puppies aged anywhere from 7 weeks to 4 months of age. There is an abundant amount of options for puppy training in Perth. But, at PawPals we’re different we believe the best behavioural results come from when you understand your pooch’s behavior and as a result, they respect your authority. We make sure all our classes are run in a relaxed environment, so you can enjoy quality time with your pup while they learn. 

At our dog daycare centre, you will feel right at home and ready to learn with our rewards-based training program. The program is run for 6 weeks and classes each week are only 1 hour long (a lot can be achieved in an hour!). At our puppy training in Perth there will be a mixture of dog breeds and sizes of puppies. This is not a problem for our training staff because at heart we know all pups are as equally excited and playful! However, we do take the safety of other dogs and people seriously and ask that your pup shows no signs of aggression during classes. If they are aggressive unfortunately, we will have to remove them from the program.  

Why does your puppy need to meet and mingle with other pups?
Puppies must meet (and most importantly get along) with other puppies and dogs in their first few years of life. While they love your company, making sure your pup meets other dogs will help them become more confident and happier in their home environment. Usually, if a pup is well socialised during their earlier years, later in life, they will be more relaxed and enjoyable to be around. Another plus of socialising your puppy is if a new situation arises or something suddenly unexpected happens, they will be able to adapt quickly and less aggressively than poorly socialised dogs. But, don’t just take our word for it! RSCPA has conducted research that confirms a ‘critical socialisation period’ between approximately 3 -17 weeks of age. During this time, your pup’s behaviour and who they meet shapes how they will be during adulthood. Our puppy training in Perth and dog daycare centre are excellent places for socialisation. Our exceptional staff will ensure that your pup is meeting other dogs, and we firmly believe after being with us, your pup will benefit long term from our puppy training.

So how does puppy training at a dog daycare centre work?
Well, firstly our classes are quality based with a maximum of 5-6 puppies per class. A smaller number of pups in each class means a more focused and individual training program. We measure success by how efficiently each pup grows, learns and bonds with their owner during the lessons. Our puppy training in Perth offers a variety of skills for your pup, depending on their age and current behaviours. Some skills are more general like household manners and basic manners such as sit, down, settle etc. but we also have a more advanced class for older puppies. During this program your pooch will learn how to lose leash walk and how to sit, drop, stand and settle among other things. 

We are proud to say we are one of the only puppy daycares in Perth that offers comprehensive puppy training and additional services like dog grooming and a fully functioning 5-day per week dog daycare centre. So, when you ask yourself “where is the best dog daycare near me?” we hope that you immediately think of us! 

We have LIMITED places left in our puppy training classes so book your puppy into puppy training classes today! Or feel free to call us about dog grooming in Perth and our dog daycare centre facilities, our staff are always up for a chat to put your mind at ease about any concerns you might have.

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