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The health benefits of grooming your dog

The health benefits of grooming your dog

At-home dog grooming can be hard. The struggle of getting your dog in the bath, washing, brushing, and drying them when you know they want to be rolling in the dirt just a few moments later. The challenge of clipping those talon-like nails and giving up because sometimes it just gets too hard. We know it is tough; it has taken professionals like us years to perfect the art of dog grooming. But have you heard of the many benefits of professional dog grooming that make regular care a must?

Reduced shedding 
A regular trip to the dog grooming salon means that your dog will shed its hair a lot less, regardless of its length or thickness. When we brush a dog’s coat often enough, it removes dirt, dead hair and skin, and promotes growth and natural oil development. When the coating is brushed correctly, it not only sheds less but looks shinier and healthier.

Better hygiene 
One of the main health benefits of grooming your dog is that your dog will be clean and fresh more often. Removal of dead skin and dirt build-up is a result of correct dog grooming skills which sometimes is not achieved by just a bath at home. A professional grooming service can get right into the nitty-gritty of the cleaning process to give your dog a deep clean, leaving your pup smelling nice and fresh.

Parasite or health problem detection 
professional dog groomer will also check for and quickly detect any health issues your dog may have, like parasites. If fleas are an issue, the grooming parlour will usually send the dog home straight away as so our health & hygiene of the salon is our highest priority. Another benefit of regular dog grooming is the early detection of lumps in the skin, irritations or rashes under the hair, problems with teeth and any kind of ear infection. As ear infections can lead to dog deafness, a regular clean and trim of the area are vital for prevention. Regular professional grooming will help in reducing the chance of developing these kinds of health issues.

Nail health 
Getting your pooch, a regular nail trim is also an essential step in the dog grooming service as keeping the nails short does not just reduce discomfort, but also reduces the risk of potential infections. Issues like poor posture and arthritis are just some of the many problems that are a result of lazy nail care and a lack of regular dog grooming. Your dog needs a mani-pedi too sometimes!

Pupper appearance
One of the top benefits of grooming is that your dog will look and feel its best. A pristine coat, glossy shine, and a rosy smell. What more could you ask for? At Paw Pals Grooming Centre, we offer three pamper packages – The Basic, The Elegant and The Royal. There is so much on offer for you to spoil your pooch today. There is nothing like a confident pup after a good session at the groomers. All the other dogs will be envious of its fresh look.

So, if a day of dog grooming sounds like something you would like for your special friend, contact a team member at Paw Pals Grooming Centre to hear more about what we can do for your pup. We can let you in on our dog grooming prices and services perfectly fitted for your dog. Contact us at our Bassendean (0450358915) or Malaga (0433839729) centres.

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