Bo the Bulldog started at PawPals as a crazy puppy who did nothing other than play, even if the other dog didn’t want too – personal space was not his forte! He started here with his brother Max (who sadly can’t come right now due to knee surgery) 🙁

Bo was becoming a little bit too hard to handle as he only had eyes for other dogs and he would completely ignore us when called. Over a number of weeks his family have worked really hard on the “leave it” command and on his recall and now he is doing so much better. He is able to go in with all sorts of dogs, even those he used to annoy! Once we call him, he comes immediately and waits patiently for a treat or a pat and a release command before he totters off to another new friend!

Bo is such a bright and happy soul and is maturing every day. He has become such a pleasure to work with and is forever making us laugh but whoever believes bulldogs are chilled out and lazy dogs need to meet Bo – we believe he may be a kelpie trapped in a bulldogs body!!!!