June 2019 – Prized Pooch

Taco is June's Prized Pooch! Taco started off as a little excited puppy and has grown into a bigger excited puppy. Such a happy dog, she plays continuously with anyone and everyone. The life of the party and a ball of energy, she has to be moving at all times. It is a rare occasion [...]

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May 2019 – Prized Pooch

May's Prized Pooch is Bertie! Bertie has been coming to PawPals for a very long time and is loved by all. He has many doggy friends and is always happy to help new dogs come out of their shells, especially if they are a little shy. He is always so bouncy and happy and is [...]

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April 2019 – Prized Pooch

April's Prized Pooch is Ava!! Ava is a crazy girl who loves nothing more then to run around and stir everyone up. She loves toys and can often be found with a ball in her mouth or cradled between her paws. She has as many little dog friends as big dog friends and will be [...]

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