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Monthly Archives: May 2019

January 2019 – Prized Pooch

January's Prized Pooch is Arlo!! Arlo started with us when she was just going into her teens. She was overexcited and didn't know how to socialise properly. Often pushing the buttons of other dogs and only making a few friends because of this. Over the past year Arlo has come in leaps and bounds (pun [...]

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February 2019 – Prized Pooch

February's Prized Pooch is Jax!! Jax is a goofball, with lots of energy to spare. He would play continuously every day if he could and is living life to the fullest. He doesn't really have an off button but is learning that when we want him to settle he has to go to bed for [...]

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March 2019 – Prized Pooch

March's Prized Pooch is Artemis!! Artemis started off quite afraid of people and so was very wary of the PawPals Gals, but was always very social with the dogs. Since coming to DayCare she is now coming up to us for pats and has thoroughly excepted us into her pack. She is nothing but smiles [...]

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