April 2018 – Prized Pooch Award

Lily is this months Prized Pooch! Lily was very nervous on her first day of daycare and didn’t really want much to do with the other dogs. She just wanted pats from us. Then she met Watson and everything changed. He became her Best friend (boyfriend) and showed her how much fun daycare can be. [...]

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The Traffic Light System

The traffic light system is the exact same across the world, Green means Go and Red means Stop! The very clever people over at friendly dog collars have put this exact system into place for our dogs... Do you have a friendly dog who loves everyone or do you have one who [...]

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March 2018 – Prized Pooch Award

Mack started off when he was a tiny puppy. He isn’t that big now he has grown up but he has definitely matured. He is small in size but has a giant personality.  Mack can be a crazy puppy rocketing around and stirring everyone up, but he will also enjoy a quiet cuddle with us [...]

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February 2018 – Prized Pooch Award

Luna started off a nervous little girl who wasn’t sure what playing with other dogs was. She used to hide behind us until everyone quietened down and then would venture out to sniff. Only ever playing with us and then occasionally the hose. Now she is super confident, running in to play and barely giving [...]

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